A technology driven parking management company


We started One-Shot Parking Solutions with one goal in mind, to help clients deal with their parking challenges in a professional and courteous manner.  

The experience of registering a vehicle, leasing a parking stall, or paying for parking should be as painless as possible.  We accomplish this through easy-to-use cloud based software, industry leading pay and display equipment, professional patrols, and by treating everyone with respect.



More than just a parking enforcement company


One-Shot Parking Solutions is more than just a parking enforcement company. In addition to offering traditional parking management solutions, we specialize in condominium and apartment complex, retail and commercial visitor parking registration. We are able to help owners of these properties maximize revenue, offering free parking when necessary and give visitors and customers an easy solution for registering their license plate quickly.


Visitor registration tablet

Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking

Condominium's and HOA's have always had visitor parking problems with owners and tenants using visitor stalls for their secondary vehicles.  Traditionally, these visitor spaces would be monitored by pen and paper, thus allowing heavy abuse and frustration

parking garage

Commercial Properties

Commercial Parking

Many commercial parking management companies rely on “how it’s always been done”. We possess the level of industry expertise that is required to effectively increase revenue, manage expenses, and provide outstanding customer service to the client and customer.

parking enforcement

Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

We're committed to ensuring the success of your parking facility, protecting your property and can accommodate virtually any request related to the enforcement of a parking facility.

retail  parking

Retail Parking

Retail Parking

We know that parking management for retail parking facilities can quickly turn into a nightmare. Having to share the parking space with many other businesses can create a lot of confusion and debate, especially on what parking system to enforce.